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Zakat and Ushr were made obligatory for the rich in Azad Kashmir in 1979, AJK Government has setup this department to manage and control the system of Zakat in AJK. The Department is headed by The Chief Administrator. The main objective includes the collection of money of Zakat and to distribute amongst the needy, indigent and the poor of the state, particularly orphans and widows, the handicapped and the disabled, who are eligible to receive Zakat according to Islam, for their subsistence or rehabilitation. This amount is paid to them either directly or indirectly through approved educational institutions or public hospitals, clinics, dispensaries or health laboratories etc.. Read More >>

The Department is headed by the Chief Administrator (BPS-20) who is also Secretary to the Zakat Council and acts under the general Superintendence / control and according to the policy guidelines given by the AJK Zakat Council. According to the Act, the Chief Administrator is appointed by the Government in consultation with the Chairman Zakat Council and he is subordinate to Government through the Secretary Zakat and Ushr. The Chief Administrator has following section in the office to assist him in the discharge of his duties. Currently Chief Administrator Office is situated at Jalalabad Stadium Road on the backside of Newly constructed building of Prime Minister House, Contact Number and Location Map is provided on this website. Read More >>